“Educating and supporting our youth is the best way to invest in a prosperous future.” – John Adriance

Dear Friend,

The Summer Youth Employment program began in New Britain in the late 1980s preparing high school students for careers with training and real world work experience. Since then, 12,000 youth have been given the opportunity to participate in the program, introducing them to the working world and fostering academic improvement and social growth.

The program uses a city-wide tier system approach which has been and continues to be extremely successful. Tier I involves career competency development and is currently funded by American Savings Foundation for 55 youth at a stipend of $6.50. Tier 2 focuses on service learning work and exposing youth to employment usually with a non-profit, youth can earn a stipend of $8.60. Tier 3 on real work experience.

Unfortunately, New Britain has never had sufficient slots for our youth and last year received funding from Capital Workforce Partners, Inc. to serve 117 youth in a Tier 2 and 3. We need your support as employers and individuals who care about the future workforce.If each of you commit to $2,000 It can make a difference in the lives of many New Britain youth and keep them on the pathway to success and graduation.

Why is the program important? It can mean a student develops a connection to a lifelong mentor, the ability to envision goals and a career path, a boost in self-confidence, an appreciation for challenging work, or simply the belief that they can have a successful future and make a meaningful contribution to the world.

It is incumbent upon the leadership in this community to do whatever we can to ensure our kids once again have a summer opportunity. Students can work Sunday thru Saturday up to 24 hours per week for five weeks beginning July 15th to August 15th and the total cost per student is $2,000. The Tomasso Family has already committed to $5,000, so we are off to a good start but with we need your help. Please consider sponsoring a youth for a work experience. Recruitment for summer employment begins in May, 2019.

Thank you for helping prepare the future workforce and leaders in our community!