Innovation Places Planning Grant

What is Innovation Places Grant?

The Innovation Places program seeks to support entrepreneurs and leaders developing places that will attract the talent high-growth enterprises need. Think of an area you can walk to, bike to or take a train to where your mind comes alive with possibilities; where you run into brilliant people solving big problems and inventing new technology; where the sidewalks and cafes are full of conversation; where art events and music venues brim with people making new friends—a place full of ideas.

Such places attract talent like magnets. And they produce new solutions, products, and businesses that create jobs—high-skill, mid-skill and low-skill jobs—quickly. Young people and innovative organizations want to be in dense, vibrant, walkable places with public transportation and a mix of uses. Enterprises often grow quickly in areas with anchor institutions and where cutting edge research is taking place. Innovation Places are a part of the solution.

Disruption Readiness Test

Below is a link to a test that we would like you all to take as a part of the disruption process. This will give you a basic understanding of where your organization falls within this process. Please take the time to take the test at and report your scores back to the Chamber at .


We would like to get your thoughts and feelings on the business climate in the region to determine the strengths and weaknesses.

The survey will take no more than 5 minutes of your time. Please click the link below to start the survey. We appreciate your response. Your response will remain completely confidential and you will not be identified or contacted. Thank you for your response. We really value your input!

For Businesses and Non-Profits:

For Public & Students:

Innovation Places Grant Meetings & Deadlines January – February 2017

Date Meeting Topic Group Leader

Tuesday, January 17th


Focus Group #1

Manufacturing, Future Workforce

Jason Howey, Jim Boucher

Thursday, January 19th


Focus Group #2


Gary Havican, Deborah Weber

Tuesday, January 24th


Innovation Places Training

At Quinnipiac

Kip Bergstrom

Tuesday, January 24th


Focus Group #3

Banking & Finance

John Patrick, John Cookley

Thursday, January 26th


Focus Group #4

Planning, Housing and Development

John Kulkulka

Tuesday, January 31st


Focus Group #5

CBO’s, Foundations, Non-Profits

Robin Sharp, Maria Falvo


Thursday, February 2nd


Focus Group #6

Transportation & Infrastructure/Energy

Tom Maziarz, Lyle Wray

John O”Toole

Tuesday, February 7th


Focus Group #7

Arts & Entertainment, Culture

Min Jung Kim

Thursday, February 10th


Focus Group #8

Innovation & Education

Dean Ken Colwell, Nancy Sarra

Saturday, February 11th


Focus Group #9

Public Safety, Community Engagement

Jessica Hernandez, Don King

Chief James Wardwell


Friday, February 21st


Group Session

* All session to be held at ITBD, 185 Main Street, New Britain

* Parking available in the City garage located in the rear of the building, validations provided

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